Dot to Dot in the Clouds: Stories of the Weather

Dot to Dot in the Clouds: Stories of the Weather

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Is it going to rain tomorrow? That question seems easy enough to answer — just check the weather report! But how about if there was no weather report, what then? And what about our ancestors, who weren't able to measure weather patterns the way we do today — how did they understand the forces of rain, sun, snow and wind?

In the latest addition to the Dot to Dot in the Sky series, author Joan Marie Galat takes a two-pronged look at the customs surrounding weather, providing a children's introduction to the basic concepts of meteorology.

  • Read about Russia's Father Frost, whose icy touch was a danger to those he deemed unworthy.
  • Discover the tale of Maui, the Hawaiian god who brought powerful winds to his island just to fly his tree-sized kite.
  • And hear the tale of Lei-Gong, the Chinese Thunder god who, when displeased, could make the clouds roll and rumble with each strike of his drum.

With gorgeous pastel illustrations by Georgia Graham, Stories in the Clouds features detailed sidebars and curious facts and trivia that explain the weather's strange and erratic behavior. Alongside colorful stories from all around the world, Joan demonstrates what a mysterious and wonderful phenomenon the weather can really be.

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