Grade 3 Science Forces Causing Movement

From the Curriculum:

There are two basic types of forces that cause movement. Contact forces involve direct interaction (pushes and pulls between surfaces that are in direct contact). Non-contact forces include magnetic and gravitational forces and involve interaction at a distance. In exploring the effects of forces, students will learn about ways in which forces, including forces in nature, cause objects to move. In addition, students will expand their understanding of control by designing and building devices that can use forces to create controlled movement. Opportunities must be provided for all students, including students with special education needs, to participate in these or comparable activities.

Big Ideas:

  • There are several types of forces that cause movement;
  • Forces cause objects to speed up, slow down, or change direction through direct contact or through interaction at a distance;
  • Forces in nature, such as high winds or water, can have a significant impact on humans and the environment, and need to be regarded with respect.