Fair Isle 40 Knitting Card Game

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A knitting card game for 1-2 players in which players compete to knit the best FAIR ISLE PATTERN. Players earn points by completing rows, matching motifs and unlocking bonuses.

The Fair Isle deck is made of cards that display simple two-colour knitting motifs (diamonds, crosses, etc). Players build hands of motif cards which are then played in rows to create a knitting pattern. Each row is just 3 cards long, and a completed Fair Isle pattern is just 4 rows high (12 cards in tital).

There are also 8 pattern bonus cards (yellow) that provide certain conditions to score bonuses on that row (for instance, knitting a ‘green row’ at the right time can earn you an extra 20 points).

Players score points for :
  • knitting a complete row
  • repeating patterns in a row
  • finishing 4 rows first
  • alternating stripes of colour
  • unlocking row Pattern Bonuses