Electronics Supply Merger

Since we have closed our store, we are merging some of our supply chain with our friends at Canada Robotix. Founded in 2012, Canada Robotix has supplied the hobby, education, and development market for sensors, boards, motors, and accessories.

Since we had a fairly small electronics list, we will be shifting our stock over to their website. We'll also be supplying our great resource books and building materials to them, so any of your favourite vintage and surplus items on their website and shipped through their office.

In the future, we will be working more closely with Canada Robotix on our logistics and supply chain, merging our storage into theirs. It won't be as browsable an experience, but soon you'll be able to visit and find your favourite Gorilla Store stock (and staff!) along side Canada Robotix. Even more exciting, we'll be developing new products together giving you and even wider range of STEAM products, locally designed, manufactured, and supplied!

We hope to see you soon at 330 Dundas St W, lower level even just for a chat!


November 2023