Guerrilla Education Campaign

The United States of America is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, Canada's largest trading partner, and one of our longest allies. We share the world's largest unguarded border, a sign of trust between the two nations. We share a great deal of common history and culture.

Despite this, the USA is also a nation of incredible social segregation, intolerance, and ideology driven ignorance. Recent political choices and the Pandemic have driven and even greater divide between social groups and left them behind the rest of the world in terms of science, ecology, and social cohesion.

At The Gorilla Store we have worked to be a tolerant, inclusive, anti-racist, and post-colonial retail store. We are committed to helping our American cousins overcome their current lapse in judgment by selecting materials to send to schools to bridge the gap in learning left by callous state administrators.

In this collection, we are focused on Sexual Health, Gender Identity, Multiculturalism, Environmental Protection, Body Autonomy, Building Trust in Science, and Indigenous Voices.

We plan to find a way to ship to schools throughout the US with your help. You can buy these items, at cost, and select a school to send them to. Until we find a method to compile school addresses, we encourage you to shop from this list and mail them to a school you know, in the US or Canada.

If you know of a school that could use any of these products, contact us and we'll set up sending a package.

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