Grade 1 Science Needs and Characteristics of Livings Systems

For children in Grade 1 learning about plants and animals in the world around them.

From the Ontario Curriculum:

The focus is on investigating the basic needs and characteristics of living things, observing their similarities and differences, and developing an understanding of their general characteristics. Students will discover that all living things have some similar needs, and many also have unique needs. Students will recognize that humans have a special responsibility for maintaining a healthy environment, so that they and other living things can continue to have their needs met by that environment. Students will learn why all living things are important and why they should be treated with care and respect. During discussions of human physical and sexual characteristics, care should be taken to ensure that a positive discussion takes place.

Big Ideas:

  • Living things grow, take in food to create energy, make waste, and reproduce;
  • Plants and animals, including people, are living things;
  • Living things have basic needs (air, water, food, and shelter) that are met from the environment;
  • Different kinds of living things behave in different ways. All living things are important and should be treated with care and respect.