Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet Thérèse Casgrain

Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet Thérèse Casgrain

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Meet Thérèse Casgrain, the activist who worked for women’s voting rights, equality and peace.

When Thérèse was a girl, no woman in Canada was allowed to vote, and she knew that wasn’t fair. As she grew up, she began fighting for women’s rights. Fifty years later, when she retired from the Canadian Senate, she was still a tireless advocate for equality. Every day of her long career, Thérèse worked for fairness and human rights. She led the charge for women’s voting rights in Quebec, became the first woman to lead a political party in Canada, and was an international peace activist.

Because when Thérèse made up her mind to change something, she took action!

The award-winning Scholastic Canada Biography series highlights the lives of remarkable Canadians whose achievements have inspired and changed the lives of those who followed.

Written by award-winning author Elizabeth MacLeod, this portrait of Thérèse Casgrain couples simple yet compelling writing with comic-flavoured illustrations by Mike Deas that help bring this fascinating story to life!