March Break 2023 Workshops

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Welcome to the "Past, Present and Future" camp workshops!

Over three days, children aged 8 to 12 will be using STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to create three exciting projects. Classes will run from 1:15pm to 3:15pm with snacks and drink provided. If your child has food allergies, please notify us and send individual snacks!

Let's take a look at what we have in store for them:

March 14 - Flashlights to Explore the Egyptian Pyramids

On the first day, we will look at the past and explore the Egyptian pyramids' mysteries by creating our very own flashlights. We will learn about the history of the pyramids and the importance of light in exploring them. Using their knowledge of STEAM, they will create flashlights from scratch using simple materials like cardboard, batteries, and LEDs. The kids will then use their flashlights to explore a mini-replica of the pyramids and learn about the secrets hidden inside.

March 15 - Motors to Create an Electric Car Roaming the Streets of a City

On the second day, we will be delving into the present by exploring the technology behind electric cars. We will learn about the environmental impact of traditional cars and the advantages of electric vehicles. We will provide them with a kit containing motors, batteries, and other necessary components to create their own miniature electric cars. They will also design and build a miniature city, complete with roads and buildings, to test their cars on. The kids will race their cars through the city, learning about the importance of engineering and teamwork.

March 16 - Wind-Powered Energy and a Balloon to Float Over Planet Earth

On the final day, we will explore the future of transportation by designing and understanding wind power. We will learn about the physics behind wind and how it can be used as a sustainable energy source. We will provide them with materials such as balloons, paper, and tape to create their own unique designs. The kids will create their balloons and watch as they float over a miniature replica of Earth. They will learn about the importance of renewable energy sources and how technology can help us protect our planet.

Throughout the workshop, we will encourage the kids to think creatively and work together to solve problems. We hope this camp will inspire a love of STEAM and encourage kids to explore the world around them.

Workshops designed and led by Dr. Ana Rodrigues, PhD

Experienced STEM / STEAM Teacher, Content Developer, and Academic Director with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and demonstrated experience in active learning methodologies such as Creative Learning in her more than 18 years of teaching from K-12 to postgraduate students. 

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