Make a Spaceship! Kitbash Model Making

Make a Spaceship! Kitbash Model Making

  • $25.00

What is kitbashing? It's when you take parts from several different model kits, and assemble them in a new way, making your own creation. It's how movies like Star Wars make their models. See the video by Adam Savage below to get some ideas, and the spaceship made in the store to get an idea of outcome.

In this creative event, you will get the chance to start building your very own creation. Plastic, adhesive, tools, and models to bash will be provided.



There are 6 slots for each day. Spots are first come, first served.

You may not complete your model in the first evening, but we will hold future model making nights that will allow you to keep working on it.

This class is intended for mature participants. Sharp tools and solvents will be used. No children under the age of 16, thank you.