Grade 6 Family Science Curriculum Support Kit

  • $200.00

This Kit covers all of the major themes of Grade 6 Science (Flight, Electricity, Space and the Solar System, Biodiversity and Human Impact) as well as a guide for parents covering Science from Grade 6 to 10.

This kit includes:

  • Help Your Kids with Science
  • Smithsonian Tech Lab
  • Solar System (with glow-in-the-dark poster)
  • Astronaut Academy
  • Backyard Birds
  • Ocean and Sea
  • Try This at Home: Planet Friendly Projects for Kids
  • Supercool Paper Airplane Kit
  • Aero Prop helicopter*
  • Motors, switches**, alligator clips, light bulb, battery pack, and buzzer


*Aero Prop colour selected at random.

**Switch type may vary depending on on hand stock.