For All Humankind -Dr. Tany Harrison & Dr. Danny Bednar

For All Humankind -Dr. Tany Harrison & Dr. Danny Bednar

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Against the political backdrop of the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, was it, indeed, “For all mankind”? Dr. Tanya Harrison and Dr. Danny Bednar has talked to individuals from a variety of locations outside the United States, to see how this event touched the lives of people across the world.

Enthusiasts of space travel, the Apollo missions, and the moon landings will love this book. These previously untold stories reveal the impact of the moon landings around the globe, and what having a “man on the moon” meant to the international community.

In this exciting new book, For All Humankind, readers will:

  • Get to read interviews with eight non-Americans to get their perspectives
  • Be inspired by their memories of the event as they saw it
  • Have a unique opportunity to learn more about one of the most historic events in human history

If you liked A Man on the MoonRocket Men and First Man, you will love this insightful book.

Over the past decade, author Dr. Tanya Harrison has worked in mission operations for NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity rovers and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and has done research focusing on the planet’s surface geology. She holds a PhD in Geology with a Specialization in Planetary Science and Exploration from Western University, Canada.

One of the few Geographers of Space, Dr. Danny Bednar works at the Canadian Space Agency, with an interest in using satellites to help in the fight against climate change. He holds a PhD in Geography with a focus on climate change adaptation from Western University, Canada, where he has also been teaching about Space Exploration since 2012.