FFP2 Respirator Style Masks from Mask Lab

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Wearing a mask has been proven repeatedly to prevent the spread of CoVID-19, as well as the flu and other airborne diseases. With new variants on the horizon, we have decided to start stocking a high grade respirator style disposable mask.

FFP2 is one of the European standards for respirators. It is equivalent to the North American N95 standard, and is used widely around the world, outside of North America. Mask Depot carries FFP2 masks made by MaskLab in Hong Kong.

By purchasing a European standard, manufactured in Asia, we aren't depleting the Canadian medical supply chain

MaskLab makes some of the highest quality masks and respirators in the world, in addition to having a broad array of patterns and colours to meet peoples preferences. MaskLabs FFP2 masks are made with a Korean design similar to KF94s. We have chosen this type of respirator because it fits extremely well and is easy to breathe in, despite have high levels of filtration. MaskLab has their masks and respirators tested independently by labs in the US, Europe and Hong Kong. They also have their own testing equipment to ensure ongoing quality. They have been reviewed by a number of independent experts in the US and have been given some of the highest recommendations.

While Masklab is a relatively new company (started at the beginning of the pandemic), they have grown quickly. They have 9 retail outlets in Hong Kong as well as a US presence. Additionally they have manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

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