Discover More The Elements

Discover More The Elements

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Discovering the elements is discovering life itself. What are we and our universe made from? Everything we are, and see around us, and create, is made up of more than ninety elements, many of which have existed since the beginning of time and space. This book is more than a walk through the periodic table. It explains the tremendous forces of star birth and death that create elements. It chronicles the history of their discovery and the impact of their science on every aspect of our daily lives, from medicine to technology, architecture to the environment.

Beautiful photographs make apparently ordinary substances, their extraction, and their change look quite extraordinary. Cool, modern graphics grab kids' attention.

Layouts are structured for reluctant and eager readers alike- learn a little or learn a lot-and there's advice on where to find out more. Includes thought-provoking math and science concepts: cause and effect and sequence and prediction. Vetted by literacy experts.

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