Did You Know? Science

Did You Know? Science

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Amazing answers to more than 200 questions about science, from earth science and biology to energy, physics, and astronomy.

Find out the answers children's probing science questions: "Where does light come from?", "Can I feel forces?", "What is my body made of?", and more! This book covers subjects such as the living world, the human body, the material world, energy, forces and movement, and our planet with colorful pages and a fun question and answer format. It focuses on the subjects that kids really want to know about and the questions they ask, helping them easily learn new information. This amazing science encyclopedia is packed with information that supports the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum.

Designed for ages 5-9, the Did You Know? series gives kids answers to the questions they really want to know about! Broken down into bite-size nuggets of information in Q&A format, each book gives the answers to more than 200 questions.