Data Visualization Classroom Kit

  • $156.00

Hey teachers, it’s hard to teach data literacy - but we’re here to help! With this kit your classroom can learn about about data, coding, micro:bits and electronics and explore how data can tell climate related stories! 

This kit has all the physical parts you need to create a variety of servo, neopixel grid, fairy lights, and neopixel ring projects such as; different weather patterns of the day, megawatts of power usage in their city throughout the day, and more!

Once you receive your kit, head over to the steamlabs website to find datasets and projects that your students are passionate about. Follow the instructions on how to use the coding and hook up your electronics to create their own exhibits!

Kit Includes: 30 Cardstock project templates, 30 Alligator Clips to M connector, 5 180 degree positional Servo, 3 Neopixel Grid, 1 Neopixel Ring, 1 NeopixelFairy Light string - 50 LEDs 


To find the data sets projects to load into your micro:bit, visit 

Check back here regularly for new projects!

If you need some more assistance with how to use your micro:bit and MakeCode, our partners at Kids Code Jeunesse have created a helpful guide for you

Link To KCJ Guide