Lightsaber Making Workshop

  • $25.00

Only 6 left!

A Lightsaber is a symbol. Of a more civilized time. A tool of the Jedi, a weapon of the Sith. Of one's connection to the Force and the commitment to protect those weaker than you. Or subjugate them.

The final step in every Apprentice's and Padawan's training is the creation of their own Lightsaber. Come let our Master Saber Builder help you complete your training.

Just in time for Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, we're setting up a Lightsaber workshop for you to create your own movie-prop level Lightsaber. Tools and materials are included in the price, but some finishing touches (paint, special glues, Kyber crystals, etc.) may need to be complete at home.


Because of the tools and frustration involved, we invite Padwans 8 years or older to attend.

Bringing parts you have from home is encouraged! Old junk makes great Lightsabers!

Blades are not included with each Lightsaber. Materials for blades are available, at an additional cost of $10 each, but that decision is left to each Padawan's parents, Masters, and Insurance agents.

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